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Meet Our Cats



TICA: Bengalooza Meera of Purrfectrosette

Meera is such a fun-loving active girl! She loves to go out on leash adventures and run on her wheel for hours. After a hard play session, she is happy to relax and recharge by taking a cat nap on your lap.

Meera comes from beautiful TICA lines with her rosette charcoal seal mink coloring, thick tail and stunning aqua eyes. 


TICA:  Mybengaldream Ryder of PurrfectRosette

We are especially proud of Ryder. He has such a calm, loving personality and is extremely easygoing. 
Ryder can be found lounging in many different locations but is almost always found in his cat tree. He is a lovely chatty boy who would snuggle in your arms all day if you would let him. For a Bengal he is quite lazy however and would pick snuggles over a new toy any day. Aside from being the center of attention he enjoys playing in his catio and going out for harness adventures!

Ryder also comes from wonderful TICA lines as he shows off his Silver colour, light green eyes, large rosettes, gorgeous whisker pads and a glitter gene carrier.



TICA: BengalCastel Khalessi of  PurrfectRosette

Khalessi is our pride and joy, but a continuous ball of energy. She loves to spend every waking moment with you, ensuring to collect all the affection she can and of course asking you to play. She is the first to greet you at the door when you get home and when its time to wind down for the night she will be found snuggled in someone's lap displaying just how sweet this breed can be.

With an impressive pedigree, Khalessi has dark two tone rosettes, green eyes, strong whisker pads, accenting black spots and a beautiful glitter gene coat!

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